How to Find the Best Styles for Naturally Curly Hair

If you were born with curly hair, you’re likely familiar with how difficult it is to take care of. Luckily, there has been a steady increase in tutorials, guides, and knowledgeable hair stylists in recent years to help you manage your locks. When you embrace your natural curls and learn proper upkeep, your style choices will become significantly more varied. The following guide explains how you can make the most of your curls.

How to Find the Ideal Hairstyle for Your Naturally Curly Hair

Look for an Experienced Stylist

Finding a hair stylist who knows how to deal with naturally curly hair isn’t easy. Many never learned the different techniques and products necessary for handling textured hair, so it’s important to ask around. If you have friends with similar hair types, ask about their history of past stylists and who worked out best for them. You can even call the hair salon you’re considering and inquire about their experience and knowledge with natural curls. The best stylists know how to cut all hair types and textures.

Go With Layers

For curly-haired folks, layers are a blessing. Layers add flexibility and movement to hairstyles. They’re great for all types of curls, no matter how loose or kinky. They also benefit a wide range of lengths, creating short, bouncy bobs as well as long, voluminous locks. Have your new trusted hair stylist layer your curls for extra life.

Experiment With Shaping

Giving your hair the proper shape, particularly when it has a lot of volume, is key to ensuring it doesn’t come out as an uneven, poofy mess. Your hair already has the thickness that allows for proper shaping, so you just need to figure out what’s ideal for you. Look up curly hairstyles on models who match your curl and face type. Rounded Afros, curved squares, messy twists, neat buns, and loose, tousled curls are all great styles to try.

Embrace the Volume

When you don’t know what to do with voluminous, curly hair, tackling those locks can be intimidating. Learn to love your curls, and you’ll find countless ways to shape them into styles you’ll adore. Many styles incorporate volume to create fun, unique looks that only natural curls can achieve. You can even straighten it to attain more styles—the choice is yours. Work with an experienced hair stylist to discover which looks suit your curls best.

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