How to Choose Bangs That Complement Your Face Shape

Which Bangs Should You Choose for Your Face Shape

1. Round

Round faces will look best with curved bangs. Since these can make this face shape appear even more circular, opt for a fringe with an arch, which will provide a flattering angle. Depending on your hair type, you may look better with thick bangs instead of wispy ones, so consult with your hair stylist about what will work best with your texture.

2. Heart-Shaped

This angular shape looks best when the bangs can be swept to the side. Your stylist can recommend either asymmetrical fringe that is always swept to the side or an even cut that can be styled multiple ways. This will avoid overwhelming your delicate face shape and will emphasize your eyes and cheekbones.

3. Oval

This is one of the most versatile face shapes when it comes to bangs, so feel free to select the style that is most aesthetically appealing to you. For the best results, have the hair stylist thin them out a little bit. Also, request ones that will stop just below your eyebrows and are a bit longer on the sides because they’ll be the simplest to style.

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