Do’s & Don’ts of Selecting a Hair Color for the Fall

From burnt sienna to honey and gold, autumn’s changing leaves provide stunning color inspiration. Just like trading floral print dresses for mahogany sweaters, perhaps it’s nature’s inspiring hues that lead so many people straight to their hairdresser’s chair this time of the year. If the cooler temperatures, warm-toned leaves, and spiced drinks have inspired you to transform your look, you’re certainly not alone. The following guide will explain how to select the perfect new hair color for the fall.


Consider your skin’s undertone.

Fall’s golden warmth may give you the urge to go for a burnt auburn or golden hair color. Before you commit to a hue, however, consider how it will complement your skin tone. A person’s skin fits into one of two categories—cool or warm. If your skin’s veins appear bluish, then you have cool undertones, and you will look most lovely with cool hues, like ash blonde, purplish red, and even silvery black. If your skin’s veins appear green, you should stick to warm colors like golden blonde, chocolate brown, or chestnut.

Determine how much you’re willing to commit to maintenance.

Some diligent platinum blondes have no issue visiting their hair salon once a month for a root touch-up, while other clients prefer color that requires less maintenance. Chances are, you know where you fit in. If you want a lower-maintenance option, consider going for a balayage, which continues to look lovely as it grows out. Going slightly darker or getting lowlights also offers easy maintenance.


Worry about the trends.

While you should definitely browse the web for inspiration, don’t worry about choosing a style in tune with the looks of the moment. If you love a color, go for it. Everything from jet black to creamy blonde is in vogue this season, anyway.

Forget to ask your hair stylist.

Your hair stylist is the expert. If you have a vague idea of what you want, but you’re not sure about the undertone or how it will work with your existing hair color, take some time to chat with an expert. Together, you can find something you’ll love.

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